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OR select one of the map layers below, then click a boundary or point feature on the map for your analysis area.

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Buffer by: Max 5 miles

Create your own area for analysis in one of three ways:

  • Select a point with a buffer distance
  • Draw a line with a buffer width
  • Draw an area on the map
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Buffer by: Max 5 miles

Optionally use these advanced tools to define a custom search area by uploading a shapefile.

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  • Zip file must contain at least 3 files, all with same name except for extension: .shp, .shx and .dbf files.
  • Coordinates must be in latitude/longitude (WGS84), or contain a projection (.prj) file.
  • Limit of 1 MB on uploaded zip file.
  • Zip file must not require any password.
  • Only the first 20 features will be read from the shapefile.
  • Upload begins immediately after selecting/dropping file!
Choose option for multiple features found:

Choose multiple feature option:

  • Aggregate: Merge the features into a single multi-part feature and do the analysis as if they were a single feature. The results are one set of data applying across the merged features.
  • Separate: Analyze and report on each feature independently. For instance, if ten features are uploaded, you will receive ten separate sets of result data for each data element (theme) analyzed. Each element will be identified by its OBJECTID value from the shapefile.

Remember that only up to the first 20 features from a shapefile are read and used.

NOTE: for multiple features with the Separate option, the Report does not display any visual report. Insead, it immediately generates the CSV data for the feature analysis and displays a link to download the CSV data.

Buffer by: Max 5 miles

Select Data to Analyze

Analysis Area Within Urban Core Communities
Long Range Transportation Plans (LRTP)
Transportation Improvement Program (TIP) Projects
Past Transportation Projects
Transportation for Livable Communities Initiative (TLCI) Projects
Capital Improvement Plans (CIP)
Technical Assistance Projects
Bridge Inventory
Pavement Condition Rating (PCR)
Transportation Demand Model Volume Estimates
Transportation Demand Model Congestion – Volume Over Capacity
Functional Class
Freight Summary
Intermodal Connectors
Socioeconomic Summary
Disadvantaged Populations
Commute to Work
Land Use
Crashes 2011-2015
Crash Rates & Frequency 2011-2015
Environmental Justice
Access to Major Destinations
Facility Planning Areas
Wastewater Prescriptions
Land Cover

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Drag the Google® Street View man onto the street you want to see a panorama for. You can also drag the street view man around on the map once he has been placed.